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Your yoga practice, on your schedule, from anywhere.

How it works:
1. Fill out the registration form - help us get to know you.
2. Try it for two weeks, risk free - become familiar with everything that is offered; maybe try out something new.
3. Fall in love with having classes at your fingertips and making your practice your own - dive into yoga on your schedule, wherever life takes you.

Is getting to the yoga studio getting in the way of your yoga practice? Just Be with Brittany is your home for doing yoga at home, on vacation or wherever life takes you. What if you could say goodbye to the travel time and hello to having your practice at your fingertips? Imagine the time and energy you would save by having your yoga practice on your schedule? No matter if you are a beginner or a season practitioner, we offer classes from fast and sweaty to restful and rejuvenating and everything in between. They also range in length from 10 mins to 60 mins, so instead of having to fit your life around what your local studio offers, you can make your practice fit your life.

Online Yoga
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